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Join College Council

Want to join College Council? We have both appointed and elected positions available!

Elected Positions

Running for office is one of the best ways to get involved with College Council and represent your peers! 

Interested in running? Keep an eye out for an email about elections info sessions in the fall or spring.
The following positions are available for election:

PositionTime Elected
Vice PresidentSpring
Fourth-Year Legislator (6)Spring
Third-Year Legislator (6)Spring
Second-Year Legislator (6)Spring
First-Year Legislator (6)Fall
College Council-SGA Liaisons (6) 

Appointed Positions

College Council's Executive Branch is made up of appointed members selected by the President. They carry our the programs and policies of the Council on behalf of the student body through the Council's Executive Offices.

These positions are selected following spring elections and are announced via campus-wide email. Periodic applications may also be announced throughout the academic year.

  • Chief of Staff (2)
  • VP of Organization Management (2)
    • AVP of Organization Management (3)
  • VP of Programming (2)
    • AVP of Programming (3+)
  • VP of Communications (2)
    • AVP of Technology (& Records) (1)
    • AVP of Communications (2+)
  • VP of Finance (1)
    • AVP of Finance (3)
  • VP of Organization Budgets (1)
    • AVP of Organization Budgets (3)
  • VP of Organization Audits (1)
    • AVP of Organization Audits (2)