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Finances, Audits, & Budgets

FAB stands for Finance, Audits, and Budgets. It is a collaboration between three CC offices to bring the best monetary resources to student organizations.


Schedule a `1:1 with us! By scheduling a meeting through our booking page, we hope to make the experience of treasurer training, information on how clubs can use their funds, questions regarding your club’s finances, and general financial check-ins more streamlined.  

Common Questions

  • What is SGS?

    • SGS stands for Student Governance Services, an office in the Division of Campus Life. They manage student organization financial services. You can find more information on their website here.
  • Who should I talk to, to discuss better planning our budget?

    Clubs can reach out to CC Office of Organization Audits.

  • How and where should I update my treasurer’s name and details into your system?

    Clubs can update the name of their treasurer on The Hub by going to the club membership page and selecting “manage.”

  • I need funds urgently, what are my options?

    You can apply for an expedited supplemental funding hearing to receive urgent funds at the discretion of the FAB committee. To do so, please email a detailed description of your circumstances.

  • Does each club or Emory have a sales tax exempt number?

    Clubs don’t have sales tax exempt numbers. Emory’s tax processes are taken care of by finance staff, and so clubs shouldn’t have to worry about this when making purchases.

  • What is the Monetary Policy?

    • College Council's Monetary Policy governs the funding of all organizations. More information can be found on our Governing Documents page.
  • What is Price Evidence?

    • Price evidence essentially means providing a screenshot of requested items and is absolutely required for every line item. This means if you request a domino's pizza and say it is $10, then you should attach a screenshot from their website that also says it costs $10. You do not need to have purchased the item in the past in order to submit price evidence for the future.
  • How much money do I have in my organization's account?

    • Organizations receive monthly account reports for all speedtypes that contains current balances. Note: these balances will always reflect a financial situation a month delayed from your organization's current financial standing. It is important that organizations have their own current method for tracking expenditures, separate from SGS' system.
  • What are my organization's speedtypes?

    EFIF organizations have only one speedtype (unless extenuating circumstances apply). This can be accessed by asking SGS or emailing the Office of Organization Budgets.

    EFAF organizations have two speedtypes. This can be accessed by asking SGS or emailing the Office of Organization Budgets.