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Maintaining Your Charter

College Council and Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions set minimum standards to maintain your status as a chartered organizations. Simply meet these minimum standards and you will retain the benefits and privileges of university recognition.

Questions? Contact the Office of Organization Management.

  1. Attend Leadership Trainings

    Each September, your organization's president and treasurer must attend SILT's president and treasurer trainings, respectively. SILT will send out emails saying when and where these meetings will be held.
  2. Host general body meetings (GBMs) at least once a month.

    Document these by either having a sign-in or just taking a picture.
  3. Host at least one non-GBM event a semester.

    Just like GBMs, take a picture or have some other way to show that you've had at least one event per semester.
  4. Complete your Student Organization Report.

    College Council will email your organization's president at least once a semester and have details on how to fill out the report. All you need to know is your executive board's contact information, how many events your organization hosted, and how often you have GBMs. Keep an eye out for any emails!
  5. Re-register your organization on The Hub.

    In the summer, your organization's president will receive an email with details about how to re-register your organization's The Hub's portal. This is a quick form and will take less than ten minutes to complete.