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Supplemental & Initiative Funding

This page contains all of the information you need to successfully submit a supplemental budget for your EFAF-chartered organization.

Applying for supplemental or initiative funding? Use this form

Looking to receive an EFAF Charter? Check out our chartering guide.

Have any other questions or need assistance? Get in touch with our Office of Organization Budgets.


SFIF Round 1

  1. Form opens Monday, Jan 22 at noon.
  2. Deadline to submit Wednesday, Jan 24, 11:59 pm.
  3. Hearing Timeslot sign-up opens Friday, Jan. 26
  4. Hearings hosted Monday, Jan. 29 and Tuesday, Jan. 30
  5. Notifications to Orgs by EOD Wednesday, Feb. 7.

SFIF Round 2

  1. Form opens Monday, Feb 12 at noon.
  2. Deadline to submit Wednesday, Feb 14, 11:59 pm.
  3. Hearing Timeslot sign-up opens Friday, Feb. 16
  4. Hearings hosted Monday, Feb. 19 and Tuesday, Feb. 20
  5. Notifications to Orgs by EOD Wednesday, Feb. 28.

Spring break: March 11- March 15

Operational Funding

  1. Share Budget Template ASAP
  2. Work Session Feb 26.-March 1.
  3. Budgets due Friday, March 1, 11:59 PM
  4. Hearing Timeslot sign-up opens Sat. March 2 at noon.
  5. Hearings on March 4, 5, 6
  6. Adjusted budgets sent to SGS Wednesday, Mar. 20

SFIF Round 3

  1. Form opens Monday, Mar. 25 at noon.
  2. Deadline to submit Wednesday, Mar. 27 11:59 pm.
  3. Hearing Timeslot sign-up opens Friday, Mar. 29
  4. Hearings hosted Monday, Apr. 1 and Tuesday, Apr. 2
  5. Notifications to Orgs by EOD Wednesday, Apr. 10.


  • Supplemental Budgets

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  • What is Supplemental funding? Is my organization eligible to receive it?

    Supplemental funding is additional funding given alongside the allocated funds clubs receive at the start of every academic year. All EFAF organizations are eligible.
  • What are hearings?

    To receive supplemental funding, club treasurers and representatives must attend a hearing with FAB members to discuss their supplemental funding request after correctly submitting their request on the Hub. Clubs bring up to 2 representatives and explain their proposed line items, funding estimate, and purpose of their request.

  • What are the dates for supplemental budget submissions?

    Dates for supplemental funding are located on the website under supplemental funding, and club treasurers will receive email notifications when the forms go live on the Hub. All treasurers must be properly updated on the Hub to receive notification. 

  • Why was my supplemental budget rejected?

    Clubs should be sure to submit their supplemental budget via The Hub when forms go live and adhere to deadlines. Clubs can also reach out to College Council FAB if they need any assistance with properly completing the budget form.

  • I missed the supplemental budget submission deadline, what should I do?

    There will be multiple opportunities each semester for eligible clubs to apply for supplemental funding, as hearings are held throughout the year.
  • Club Initiatives Fund & Budget Form

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  • What is Initiatives Funding?

    Initatives funding is additional funding that EFIF (Eligible for Initiative Funding) Charters can request. The FAB Committee conducts hearings each semester and clubs will be notified of their funding after approval of the funding. 
  • Is my organization eligible for money from the EFIF fund? How do I apply?

    Yes. Submit an initiative funding request. Supplemental funding and initiatives funding are the same thing, but supplemental is for EFAF organizations and initiatives is for EFIF.
  • Can you please explain the budgeting excel sheet to me? What are all these complicated formulas?

    The sheet is for club organizations to list their expected expenses. The formulas reflect the Monetary Policy. Please do not change any formulas, or they will negatively affect your requested amount.

  • While submitting budgets, should we have the final price which includes delivery and tax?

    Yes, that is required if the club organization wishes to receive money for delivery and tax.

  • Can you guide me to a video explaining how I should go about the budgets excel sheet?

    A Budget Sheet How-To-Video will be provided to club treasurers throughout the school year. Contact more info.