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EFAF Charter Process

Eligible For Allocated Funding


Applicants must be an EFIF-chartered organization for at least 2 semesters prior to applying.


Below are the key dates to note:
Supplemental Funding Dates

To apply and be considered for a EFAF charter, student organizations must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have held meetings open to any Emory College student at least once per month.
  • Sponsored at least one fully publicized event or program open to the entire Emory public.
  • Selected and retained an appropriate advisor.
  • Worked to fulfill the mission statement outline in its constitution.
  • Raised at least $100.00 in self-generated funds.
  • Have received Initiative Funding for Fall 2023.


If your organization meets the minimum requirements, a representative from the organization should:

  1. Maintain an EFIF Charter for at least 2 semesters.

    Applicants must be a EFIF chartered organization for at least 2 semesters prior to applying.


  2. Submit Application and Schedule Charter Hearing

    1. Register for Charter Hearing

      You will have to come in for another Charter Hearing, but this time for an EFAF charter. Make sure to indicate on one of the questions on the application that you intend to come in for an EFAF charter hearing.

      Once you have completed this form, you will receive an email by March 3 which includes an invitation to an in-person hearing. More instructions on this will be in the email that you receive.

      View Application form 

    2. Preparing For Your Hearing

      • Practice your pitch and let your passion shine through!
        • Be able to articulate to the Office of Organization Management who you are, what your organizations does, and why
        • Be able to communicate how a charter will benefit your organization
        • Be able to define what your organization has accomplished, as well as your future goals and objectives
        • Be able to clarify how your organization is different from existing or similar organizations on campus
        • Be able to describe how your organization impacts Emory’s campus, the students, and the community at large


      • Create a supporting PowerPoint or document that highlights your organization’s:
        • Mission and vision
        • Past and future events, programs, and initiatives
        • Event or program attendee data
        • Break down and responsibilities of the executive board
        • Number of active members and prospective members, as well as their school and year
        • Key ways a charter will support your objectives
        • Printout of your self-generated account


      • Be prepared for common questions you may be asked when evaluating your application:
        • How much self-generated money does your organization have?
        • How much money has your organization spent on events or programs?
        • How would College Council financing help support or grow your events and programs?
        • Have you sought other funding opportunities in the Atlanta area or through national organizations?
    3. After Your Hearing

       If you have been approved for an EFAF charter, your organization may now apply for an operational budget and supplementary funding. You will be sent additional finance information to begin using an allocated account with College Council.
      Unfortunately, we cannot approve all charter requests. In your decision letter, the Office of Organization Management will include a clear rationale for the denial and steps your organization can take to correct the issues for a future application. You may also contact the Office to schedule an appointment to discuss the decision in more detail.
      If you are denied a charter, your organization may apply again in 90 days.
      If you have been denied an EFAF charter, your organization will retain all the rights and privileges of an EFIF chartered organization.