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Welcome to the student organization chartering process! Student organizations are the heart of the Emory community, and we owe our vibrant student life to the hundreds of student leaders that give their time and energy to these organizations.

One of our most important responsibilities is chartering student organizations. The student organization chartering process at Emory exists to support organizations and recognize their role at the center of campus life. Our process is a democratic one, where students recognize organizations on behalf of the entire student body.

In short, the chartering process is run by students, for students. We take this process and our responsibility to our student leaders very seriously. Within this page you will find all of the information you need to navigate this process and seek official recognition and its benefits. Please think of us as a resource throughout this process and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. If you would like to meet with us about the re-chartering process, please sign up for an Office Hours time here!

Students do not need a charter to form an active organization on campus!

Are you and your friends passionate about volunteering for a cause? Do you share a common culture? Engage in political advocacy? Perform music or dance…?


Start a group together- just go for it.

You do not need to be a chartered student organization form an organization on campus. You may grow your membership, hold meetings, host events, and start programs. In fact, you will need to demonstrate to College Council that your organization has been active and able to contribute to the Emory community, is sustainable in the long run, has interest from other students, and possess needs for additional campus resources to be approved for a charter. So begin now!

EFIF Charter Benefits

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  • Emory naming rights (The Emory Bird Watching Group)
  • Table at Wonderful Wednesday and the Fall/Spring Student Activities Fair
  • Co-sponsor and participate in university-wide events, programs, and showcases 

Management, Support, & Event Planning

  • Portal on The Hub to manage and promote the organization
  • Reserve classrooms, conference rooms, and other exclusive venues on the 25Live System or through the Office of Emory Residence Life and Housing
  • Priority access to training, guidance, and support from Student Involvement, Leadership and Transitions (SILT) and the Student Engagement, Training, and Engagement, and Resource Team (STEER)


  • Self-generated account with the SGA Business Office to save the organization’s dues, donations, or other funds to finance initiatives, events, and programs

EFAF Charter Benefits

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Eligible for Allocated Funding (EFAF) chartered organizations are granted all of the same benefits as EFIF chartered organizations. In addition, EFAF organizations receive the following finance benefits:



  • Self-generated account with the SGA Business Office to save the organization's dues, donations, or other funds to support initiative, events, and objectives.
  • Allocated account with the SGA Business Office and eligibility for financing from College Council through the Student Activity Fee (SAF) to enhance events, programs, and initiatives.