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Expenditures & Reimbursements

Here you can find out how to properly spend money as a student organization and what to do when you need a reimbursement for club expenses. 
  • Making Purchases

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  • What purchases do treasurers need to visit SGS for and what purchases can treasurers make outside of SGS

    Club treasurers always need to make an appointment with SGS to make purchases. The rule is that orgs must make an appointment to come to the SGS to make purchases. SGS has a goal to never make students have to spend their own personal money on student organization expenses, and will try to work with students.

  • Do treasurers always need to schedule a meeting to make these purchases, or can they just visit the office?

    Yes, students always need to make an appointment and must come to the SGS office. Making purchases the day of will not be likely and will not be encouraged, and so orgs need to ensure that they are making purchases ahead of time.

  • If I do not want to go down the reimbursement route, what are my other options?

    Using the SGS purchasing process is recommended. To use the P-card available in the SGS office for club purchases, please email sgs@emory.eduto schedule appointments.

  • Can I withdraw funds in advance if I know an event is coming up?

    Although clubs cannot withdraw money from accounts, clubs can schedule appointments with SGS to make purchases in advance of events.
  • What is the P-Card?

    P-card stands for payment card. It is an Emory University debit card available for students to make online purchases in the SGS office. The card does not leave the office.

  • How do I book an appointment to use the P-Card?

    Email to make an appointment with SGS to use the P-Card.

  • What all do I need to keep handy before going for my P-Card appointment?

    Make sure you already have a payment form filled out with your intended purchases, signed by your club treasurer with P-CARD written at the top.
  • Can I borrow the P-Card for the day and take it out of the office?

    No, the P-Card cannot be borrowed.

  • Reimbursements

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  • How do reimbursements work?

    If a student or club was not able to use their club funds to make a purchase for an event and had to pay out of pocket, a student can submit a reimbursement request to SGS to receive a reimbursement via mail to the student’s mailing address. The student should use the Payment Request/Reimbursement Request form located on the SGS website, which requires the signature of the club treasurer. Per the SGA Finance Code, presidents of clubs also must approve the request in the event that a treasurer is seeking reimbursement.

  • What do we have to use the Hub for?

    All events must be posted on the Hub in order to be eligible for reimbursements, with the exception of private events (such as general body meetings). When filling out the SGS Reimbursement Form, the form will ask if the event purchase you are requesting a reimbursement for was posted on the Hub. For exceptions, please specify why the event was not posted on the Hub.

  • Are there any compliance rules for listing events to the Hub to get reimbursed?

    The club just needs to list the event on the Hub for the event purchase as evidence the event actually happened.

  • How should I file a reimbursement?

    A student should email the completed form and required info and receipts to

  • What is the reimbursement timeline?

    Reimbursements are processed on a rolling basis at the availability of SGS staff.

  • What is the Clincard?

    The Clincard is a reloadable prepaid debit card available as an alternative to a traditional reimbursement. Each student requiring a reimbursement using this option will be given a card with the full amount they were reimbursed for. The same card can be used for multiple reimbursements.

  • What is the difference between the Clincard and the P-card?

    The Clincard is a reloadable prepaid debit card available as an alternative to a traditional reimbursement check by mail. Each student requiring a reimbursement using this option will be given a card with the full amount they were reimbursed for. The same card can be used for multiple reimbursements.

    The P-card is a debit card located in the SGS office that all student clubs use to make club purchases.

  • When do I have to submit reimbursements?

    Reimbursements must be submitted as soon as all purchases for a particular event are finalized. It is recommended to submit immediately to expedite the reimbursement process.

  • Is there a deadline when I have to submit my reimbursement form by? (e.g., within one month of expense, etc.)

  • Can I get cash for a reimbursement?

    Reimbursement through cash is not an option for students.

  • Why is my reimbursement late?

    Late reimbursement arrivals can range from SGS staff availability, incorrect student information on the form, incorrect club information on the form, incorrect student ID, incorrect address on the student’s OPUS account, and high volume of reimbursement applications.

  • How do I get reimbursed for Emory Printing?

    A correctly submitted and filled out Payment Request/Reimbursement form and a screenshot of the printing queue should suffice.

  • How can I get an update on the status of my reimbursement?

    Email sgs@emory.edufor reimbursement updates.

  • What are some mistakes students make when submitting reimbursements?

    Some mistakes students make when submitting reimbursements is providing the wrong student ID number. This causes back and forth because although SGS can look for speedtypes, the student ID needs to be provided by the student. Students also leave the account code blank or don’t update their addresses in OPUS.
  • Is there any form of pre-loaded card?

    The Clincard is an option for students to receive their reimbursement in the form of a pre-loaded card instead of check.

  • Can SGS use OPUS direct deposit info to reimburse students as opposed to checks?

    At the moment SGS can only pull up a student’s address on OPUS, and can’t pull up a student’s bank account info. SGS aims to work on direct deposit for reimbursements rather than checks. SGS does not have a time frame or expected date when direct deposit might be possible, but it is something that will be worked on in the future.

  • I am about to graduate, and Emory SGS owes me money. What can I do?

    If the student correctly provided his or her student ID, correctly filled out the form and correct documentation, and the student’s mailing address was correctly updated, the student should receive the reimbursement.

  • SGS & Forms

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  • What is the purpose of the SGS office?

    Student Governance Services (SGS) is a division of the Student Involvement, Leadership, and Transitions Office (SILT). SGS is the finance team for all undergraduate, graduate and divisional student organizations, and oversees all payments, purchases, transfers, vendor requests, reimbursements, and student organization accounts.

  • What forms should we consult the SGS office about?

    Students in need of the Payment Request Reimbursement Form, Deposit Form, Internal Transfer Form, ACH Authorization form, Small Dollar Reimbursement Form, Sole Source Exemption Form, Supplier Information Form, and the Account Codes Form should visit the SGS website at access these forms.

  • Paying for a website domain name will be considered under which account code?

    Licenses Fees - 58235

  • What if I need help filling out the form?

    College Council orgs who have questions about how to fill out the SGS forms can reach out the College Council FAB team at or SGS at sgs@emory.edufor assistance. For quick communication, we recommend reaching out to the College Council first.

  • Vendors & Storing Purchases

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  • What are the logistics on bringing a restaurant or vendor to an event?

    Clubs should reach out to CC VP of Finance at more information.

  • Where can treasurers store purchases for their orgs?

    Students should not send items they purchase at SGS to their personal homes or personal addresses to store items at their homes per Emory policy. College Council can help orgs who may need to store items. Leaving items outside of SILT or SGS is not encouraged. Please contact the College Council FAB team at you need assistance with storing a purchase until use.
  • Food & Beverage Policies

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  • Can alcohol be bought using my allocated account?

    College Council organizations may not purchase alcoholic beverages using club funds. See Article II, Section VII of the College Council Monetary Policy.

  • What is an approved vendor? How do I get my vendor approved?

    Students should purchase food through Emory Catering or the AmericaToGo approved vendor list. Emory has an approved vendor list that students can purchase food from. Please email College Council at more information. If a restaurant or vendor is not on the list, clubs can try to get the vendor set up with AmericanToGo for their event.
  • Which restaurants is my organization allowed to order from?

    Students should order from Emory’s approved vendor list. Please email College Council at more information.

  • Can my event have food trucks?

    For events with food trucks, clubs should contact more information on proper guidelines and approved food trucks.

  • Does campus services charge for delivering tables and chairs?

    Campus services only charges when delivery occurs on weekends, holidays, or non-business hours.

  • Gifts & Collaborations

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  • What should clubs and treasurers know about gifts and give-away items?

    Clubs giving gifts or prizes to other students should submit the student name and student ID for any student receiving prizes to SGS so that the student can be taxed for the gift, per Emory policy. Students should consult SGS for policies on gifts.

  • Can I work with another club?

    If a club is interested in requesting funds to work with another club that is not College Council on an event, co-sponsoring an event, or collaborating with another College Council organization for an event, clubs should contact College Council at more information on approval.